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First cooperative dairy Grolloo


plaquette Boer met melkbusThe building arose on the small green in Grolloo. For a long time, the villagers called the building nothing else than "t oal factory". On December 7, 1894, the first milk was received and the supply amounted to 600 liters. Each farmer had to bring his own milk to the factory. This often happened with the wheelbarrow or handcart. The supply of milk increased every year, which of course also resulted in a greater production of butter. However, the sale of this product did not proceed in the way that the board had imagined and as desired. cooperatives grew and eventually this factory also became too small, and a house of the same size now stands on the site.

From the Drentsche en Asser newspaper of August 15, 1896:

This evening, June 19, a combined meeting of the boards of the butter factories in Grolloo, Rolde and Loon was held in the upper room of J. H. J. van Wageningen. At the initiative of the Grolloo board, an attempt will be made to set up an association of butter manufacturers in Drenthe to improve the butter trade. Circulars will be sent to the boards of all factories in Drenthe. The committee members who prepare and implement this are Messrs T. Boerema and A. Huizing te Grolloo, A.J. Somer and J. Homan in Rolde and Greving in Loon.


Farmer with milk can


This statue is located on the Voorstreek next to house number 5, the site of Grolloo's first dairy

The statue is made of residual materials, found on the farm and made by Jan Jalving from Papenvoort.
Created and installed in 2006


Boer met melkbus